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Swimming lessons with Brooke and Siggy

Swimming lessons with Brooke and Siggy

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1. to fully trust someone.
2. implicit faith in another individual’s views.
Etymology: Latin fides implicita, implicit faith.
[Julian Callos - Blood Bond (Let The Right One In)]




1. to fully trust someone.

2. implicit faith in another individual’s views.

Etymology: Latin fides implicita, implicit faith.

[Julian Callos - Blood Bond (Let The Right One In)]

voodoosnipes asked: Don't chase the rabbit

Brooke had her day off from work at the mill and was making her way towards the reservation that was home to her friend and her mentor. She at their trailer and after some conversing, Joseph and Brooke ran off to make their way to the nearest convenient store, which was two miles away, which was two miles away.

"Did you manage to get a Ouija board yet, Brooke?" The Native boy asked.

"Nah, not yet, I had work to do. IMy weekend starts tomorrow so I’ll get it tomorrow."


"What do you think you’re ancestor’s will say when we try contacting them?"

"I don’t know, probably something scary of wisdom-y" Joesph shrugged.

"What are you gunna ask them?" Brooke asked.

"I’m gunna ask them what I can do to help my clan get better homes. My Dad don’t think I care but I sometimes think I’m more concerned about the tribe than he is. I hate that place." She shakes his head. "What are you gunna ask them?"

"…I’m…Well I was gunna ask them how I can get along more with people but, compared to your question, I just seem like a bitch."

"Naw, you’re not a bitch, Brooke. I think that’s a alright question to ask. But why do you need help with it? Don’t you have friends at school? I mean… The place is so crowded…"

"Not really no… I don’t get along with them… I don’t think like the rest of them."


She studied his face briefly before she spoke. “You can keep a secret, right?”

"Of course, I keep your secrets if you keep mine." Joesph nodded.

"I…I sometimes have these urges to hurt people. Not like a punch or a scratch but, I mean like… really hurt them. A lot.”

Joesph looked her over with some sympathy.

"Yeah…I sometimes get like that too. I.. Have a secret I want to share too."

Brooke turned her head to listen.

"I sometimes imagine myself burning the trailer down while my Dad is still inside."

Brooke looked into his eyes with a sense of curiosity.

"Does…Does that make me sound like a horrible person?" He asked.

”..No, I don’t think so.” Brooke shook her head.

thedementedbutcher asked: Don't chase the rabbit

Brooke arrived home late one evening during summer, after she had committed her fourth murder while still in her teens. Her heart still hammered in her chest and had ensured she was washed clean before she made it home, which took longer than expected.

She felt like she could still run for a few more miles she felt so energized but slowed herself to a tip-toe pace in order to make it into her room undetected. As she was passing the kitchen to make her way down the hall, the lights suddenly turned on. Her mother was seated at the table with a wine glass in hand, appearing frighteningly similar to a bond villain.

"Brooke Tuck… Where have you been?" She said in a slow, low tone.

Brooke remained frozen, realizing how it must feel to be the deer that runs in front of trucks, and her brain scrambled to put words together.

"I-I, uh… I went out to get some air, Mom. I couldn’t sleep and just went out for a jog."

Really?" She hissed, taking a long sip of her wine and standing up, staggering a little. "Why’d you take so long, hmm? You out there gettin’ tangled with the wrong folks?"

"M-Mom, I want to sleep now. Can we just talk in the morning?" She turned to leave before her adopted mother moved closer, grabbing hold of her hand with the grip of a vulture’s claw.

"No, Brooke, you will sit on that table and talk to me and I don’t want to here another excuse. For once, can you NOT act like such an ungrateful bitch?"

Brooke flinched at her mother’s touch but obeyed, taking a seat at the table as her mother sat opposite to her, taking another long sip.

"It’s fucking 2 o’ clock in the fucking morning Brooke. You don’t take walks at 2 o’ clock in the morning. That’s what weirdo’s and druggies do. Are you a druggie?"

"No, mom." She said, her head lowered and her voice controlled.

"Are you hanging with druggies?"

"No, mom."

"Then what are you doing exactly!? I have enough problems dealing with you as is I don’t need anymore so we are going to get to the bottom of this one way or another!" She takes another sip and pours the rest of her wine bottle. "I mean…For fuck’s sake, you don’t have a job, you don’t have any friends, you’re failing at school. I mean…What the hell is going on, Brooke!? I did not bring you into my family to raise you as a fuck-up."

Brooke’s hands gripped at her semi-wet jeans. 

"Mom, I have a job. I work as a clean-up person at the mill. I-…I do have friends and the only classes I’m failing are history and science, which I can easily fix.”

Laina chuckled and sipped her glass until it was empty.

"Ha! You have friends? Who are they?"

Brooke gave no answer to which Laina muttered something under her breath.

"So are you going to tell me what you’re up to or do I have to take you in for a, what you call it, psychic evaluation with a counselor? And make me waste more of my fucking money."

Brooke remained quiet for a long time before her head lowered further.

"…I killed a man."

Laina stared at her with a drunken, confused gaze for a while before she smiled and laughed out loud, slapping her hand on the table before she stood up and staggered past Brooke while patting her head rather roughly, making her flinch away.

"I figured I picked the wrong one. When I get off work tomorrow, we’re getting you in an institution to get you fixed, alright?"

Brooke remained silent, feeling like her insides were curling up so tightly that her heart would break. Laina turned to her adopted child.


"…Right." Brooke muttered and waited for her Mom to leave before she made her way to her room and used the pillow to pat her tears.

In the morning, all the fear that would keep Brooke awake that night would all be meaningless, since all of the alcohol Laina drunk was enough to drown all the words and the memory of the event in her head.


We live in a society that’s sexist in ways it doesn’t understand. One of the consequences is that men are extremely sensitive to being criticized by women. I think it threatens them in a very primal way, and male privilege makes them feel free to lash out.

This is why women are socialized to carefully dance around these issues, disagreeing with men in an extremely gentle manner. Not because women are nicer creatures than men. But because our very survival can depend on it.


No skin thick enough: The daily harassment of women in the game industry

The whole article sadly hits very close to home.

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chainsawsandmaplesyrup asked: "Do you eat people regularly, Mr. Bear?"




"Nah, they taste gamey an’ bad."

"You should try them with barbeque sauce, that might help take out the taste."


"BBQ sauce, eh? Mhm—- That sounds awesome! Cheers on the idea, lass!"

"Wait…Sergej?… When the heck did you become a bear?… Although, to be honest you were pretty bear-like to begin with."

derelictsoldier asked: "A bab—I have been gone for waaaaay too long."




"It just came out of nowhere and landed on my doorstep." Rocks it nervously in her arms, looking distraught, before she hands it to her.

"You want a baby?"

She looked her over with narrowed eyes.

"Babies make you nervous or something?"

Ehhhhh.” Shifts while thinking and nods. “Yeh, they just… dunno, sorta freaky. Not good with kids either. Never know how to act toward them.”

"Well, all you really have to do is hold ‘em gently and not drop them." She paused as she studies her.

"Are you…Feeling alright? You’ve been looking uneasy since you showed up."

chainsawsandmaplesyrup asked: "Do you eat people regularly, Mr. Bear?"


"Nah, they taste gamey an’ bad."

"You should try them with barbeque sauce, that might help take out the taste."

derelictsoldier asked: Don't chase the rabbit

"What’s wrong, freak!? Caught no rabbits today!?"

Brooke growled at the boy and stuck her hand in her pocket, gripping her swiss army knife.

Back off, Bill.”
"What’cha gunna do, Brooke? Bite me? Fight me? YOu’ll just get expelled again and be caged up like an animal. You’re so fucking stupid, when are you gunna learn? I’ll bet you’re failing school. You’ll be good for nothing except licking up shit on the circus floor."

"I said BACK OFF, Bill!" She pulls out the knife and backs away, growling at the teenage boy. They were still on school grounds and she was given several warnings that if anther fight broke out, she would be suspended again. But in this situation, she was cornered again and her fear and anger clouded her better, academic judgement.

Two other boys appeared from around the corner behind Bill and they slowly approached her after Bill made the first move to distract her, everything went by in a blur. Brooke slashed away like a mad woman. There was pain and blood and before long the two boys had begun to ran away, covered in cuts while Bill quivered on the ground as he grasped at his knife, pointing it towards Brooke. Before she could react, she crippled over, dropping to her knees as she held her abdomen, seeing her own blood pour onto the ground. Soon after, a teacher on break walked in on the two bleeding children and called an ambulance.

She did not know it until much later, but this was the day her family line would come to a stop.