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Brooke smiles, blushing a little. “Eheh, I don’t know I’m any god at that, but thank-you.”

She walks up to Misha and before she could say anything she slips on a Ushanka on her head.

"There yea go, girl, now you’re head is set for winter."

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She holds something behind her back as she walks up to Frost.

"Um, I ain’t sure if a spirit guardian would find much use for this but, uh…" She pulls out a small elk figurine with small turquoise gemstones for eyes, "Here’s a little something for yea."


Frost nudges Brooke’s shoulder and drops a small bag of Maple Syrup flavoured candy into her hands. “You smelled like those the last time we met, so I thought you might like them.”

She blinked and opened the bag before she smiled at the elk.

"Oh, how observant of you. Thank-you very much." Starts to eat before she offers some to Frost.


Treehouse, Redmond, USA, by Steve Rondel

Steve Rondel’s children grew up before he could finish this exeptional treehouse. He started it 20 years ago when his oldest son was 5. Now he is looking for grandchildren to give him an excuse to push on.” 

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Growing Trust || AU rp with Brooke



She went quiet and let out a sigh when he moved away again and saw that trying to talk to him wasn’t going to get her anywhere, despite the fact that he knew english. She stood up slowly to try and not make him panicked more than he is and stepped aside to allow him easy access to the truck.

"You can rest in there, it’s much more warmer than the pavement." She said as she gestured to the truck. "Go on."

He watched her rise, whining to himself. To the gesture and the command, his mind clicked and he hopped in. Finally, he was being cooperative with her. He rested in the back, not saying a word and soon falling a sleep. 

He would think she’d be annoyed at him, he shook in nervousness of her reaction. Josef whined softly as he laid in the back.

When he was inside she waited until he settled down to lay on his back and she tucked pole on the floor mat before she closed the door and entered through in the driver’s side, starting the truck and driving her way out of the parking lot and on the road to her home. She looked through the rear view mirror once in a while to see what he was doing. It was about an hour later that she tried speaking again to the werewolf.

"Do you have a name?"

"I’m gonna write tonight!!"
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wild; untamed; feral; unsubdued.

Etymology: German.

[Angela Rizza - Wilder Things]

Construction lessons - Brooke/Brent rp



It had been a three weeks since her trip to Germany with Sigmund and she was now just learning to rest easy now that Drake was dead. She still felt a sense of alarm in her subconscious that keeps her from resting easy at night. She would awake suddenly in the middle of the night and scan the empty campsite for any sign of movement before she can feel comfortable sleeping again in the company of her puppy, Oliver, her cat Bep and no one else. But now that she’s focused her attention on the new home she will have for herself on the mountain side, she was able to feel a sense of calm now that she was able to push her worries out of her mind.

She had most of the cabin’s sub-flooring set in place made of stone, mortar and large that she had hired muscle to help with. She worked on the floorboards during her week here and today she was expecting Brent to arrive to help with the constructing the walls. She wanted her home to be at least have two floors just like her old one and hoped to go at least as high as they could on the home before a small crane would be needed.  Oliver was busy trying to coax Bep to play, who seemed more interested in sleeping in the tent, before his ears perked up at some noise coming from the forest and rushed towards it, yelping and wagging his tail in excitement. Brooke turned her head to see who was approaching camp.

Brent waved cheerfully at her, blissfully unaware of her paranoia. He would notice that because of her waking in the night, she did look a little bit more tired than usual, but decided not to comment on that fact. It wasn’t something that needed to be brought up, as he was sure if she looked it, she probably felt it. Kody waved at her too, riding on Brent’s back with his tail tightly curled around his father’s belly so he wouldn’t fall. Despite the early hour, the child seemed quite awake, and both of them were rather chipper.

"Mornin’!" Brent waved his fingers in a greeting as he approached. He hadn’t realized she’d come out from the noises he’d made getting through some of the bush. He stopped in front of her and Kody easily slid off his back, immediately going for Bep. Brent watched him for a couple seconds, putting his faith in that the dog wouldn’t turn aggressive. "Yeh been keepin’ well?" He looked around at the scenery, taking it in. "Yeh sure scouted out a good chunk a’ turf, that’s fer sure. I imagine that does wonda’s fer ya piece a’ mind, just lookin’ ‘round out here."

She smiled back and waved at Brent and Kody as they approached and walked up to meet them as Oliver ran circles around them, barking at Brent’s tail as if it were a another animal. But as soon as Kody climbed down from Brent’s back, the tail was completely forgotten and he began to roll over on the ground in front of  Kody and jumped up to him to try and lick his face, just overjoyed to find someone new to play with.

"Morning, Brent! How are you and Kody doing?" Brooke said. "I’ve doing well, thanks. Been working on the base of the cabin and finally got the main floor finished." She looked at the scenery with him and grinned with pride. "Oh, that’s for sure. The trees make a perfect cover up for the cabin and there’s a little spot further up that let’s you have a great view of the whole valley!" She said as she gestured out into the horizom before she tucked her hand sin her pockets. "So have you brought any tols with yea?"

Growing Trust || AU rp with Brooke









After she paid her fee to the man she turned and watched as she was approached by the nurse and the werewolf and she stepped forward to take the leash to the werewolf.

"Thank-you." She said coldly to the nurse before she gave the beast a gentler look. "Come on, I’m taking you to your new home. You’ll like it, I promise." She said gently as she began to tuck him forward gently outside the building towards her truck. When they made it to the truck she opened the door to the back seat to him, moving to the side so that he could get in.

Josef was a bit reluctant as she led him. Scared even. The werewolf stayed far behind as the leash would let him be; when they got to the truck and his superior opened the door and moved, it was then Josef backed away and tried to get free of the catch pole. He whined immensely, his frame shaking and wanting to get out. He didn’t want another superior, sure she may look nice but she might subject him to more abuse and being force to breed and bear offspring that were killed after they were born, only to be impregnated again.

Brooke was jolted back by the werewolf’s attempt to flee but held firmly onto the pole with both hands. But rather than try and fight the beast, she figured it would be best to just let the wolf vent and see for himself that she meant no harm. Nearly any action on her part may be seen as a threat in his panicked state, She thought that if she waited long enough he would eventually exhaust himself.

"It’s okay. I’m not going to hurt you. I’m not going to hurt you." She said gently, even though he may not be able to hear her through his loud whining but continued to speak gently to him.

He wriggled and squirmed, whining loudly and only making the rope tighten round his neck. A muffled howl of panic came from his muzzle, Josef tried to stand up and use his hands to take the catch pole off him; however, he had been limited to only walking on all fours for a long time the werewolf did not know how to properly stand and thus lost his balance.

He rolled over on the ground, whining. It would take a couple minutes until his weak state got him tired out. Josef was left lying on the pavement, whining.

When the werewolf finally rolled onto the ground with his exhaustion setting in and she knelt down on the ground as well, her back to the truck and she loosened the rope a little in order to help him breath easier, her expression was very calm through the whole ordeal.

"I know you’re scared, buddy, but can we talk for a few minutes? I promise I won’t hurt you." She said.

"Mhm." Josef shook his head, wriggling away. Or tyring to at least. Josef didn’t want to say a thing or talk to her. Just take him. He was tired. He closed his eyes and began to doze off. 

"Please…I just wanna help you." She said gently, daring to move a little bit when she saw his eyelids drop. "…What’s your name?"

Josef flinched awake and backed off forcefully as she moved slightly, making panicked sounds. It was going to have to take some commands to get him to get in the truck, trying to talk him down and convince him was gonna take her forever in a day. He’s lost without given a command, he wouldn’t know what to do with himself. 

She went quiet and let out a sigh when he moved away again and saw that trying to talk to him wasn’t going to get her anywhere, despite the fact that he knew english. She stood up slowly to try and not make him panicked more than he is and stepped aside to allow him easy access to the truck.

"You can rest in there, it’s much more warmer than the pavement." She said as she gestured to the truck. "Go on."